Pendulum swings: Coke moves back to product focused advertising

Coke is now focused on rallying and promoting simple, everyday moments with a bottle of coke in their new campaign, "Taste the Feeling." This is somewhat of a departure from their seven year old campaign "Open Happiness" which allowed the brand to delve into more deeper topics and bring the brand into a more conceptual playing space. The new campaign is now more product focused with the hopes of matching the new reality that has encroached the beverage category (thanks to organic stuff!): "If you are going to sell stuff, you better talk about the stuff."

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Facebook lets you get over your ex like a normal person (sorta)

Welp, as we all know, all your exes never really go away in the digital era. There's than unnecessary tag you see or even worse, when you see a premature glimpse and they actually look good.  Facebook has come to the rescue and rejiggered their algorithm to help you get through that breakup like how people did before social media. 

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The Fader X BitTorrent

Per usual, the Fader does the very badass thing and released their entire archive via BitTorrent for free. FREE. 

This is a big move for any publication and for the Fader, it was about the fan than the numbers. Really appreciate that in order to gain a new audience they have to actually break the cycle and shake up the distribution model.

I foresee the Fader to grow at an even rapid speed than they already are. They've tapped into a culture that's all their own and killin' the game.

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THR + Billboard Going All in on Branded Content

In an interesting but totally logical move, Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter have combined forces and created Adapt Studios, a branded content division for both mags. Adapt will handle all premium brand content and native advertising for both publications, the enchantment there is that brands can leverage both audiences and possibly without an agency for creative sercvies. All I see win, win..