The Ask

Drive new Hellmann's eating occasions and reach a new Millennial target.


The Campaign

#Strangewich was born out of the insight that sandwiches are personal. The campaign was built on the belief that a #Strangewich is inside all of us, just waiting to be unleashed. We launched this campaign to highlight the unexpectedly-delicious taste of Hellmann's in creative and strange sandwiches. With the target being Millennials, we know that  personalization and customization is super key in connecting with this audience therefore this campaign had to resonate in a way, sandwiches (and therefore mayonnaise) have not been done before.

#Strangewich is a cross-channel campaign designed to encourage new eating occasions for Millennial consumers/foodies alike — the campaign included Social Media, Digital, TV, Radio, Influencer, and Website touchpoint. 


2016 was the year of the Strange.

#Strangewich became an instant hit and became ownable to the Hellmann’s brand. Over 100K+ people shared their strangewiches— either by tweeting or sharing images. Thousands engaged with our content with retweets, likes, views, and clicks. 

#Strangewich became one of Unilever's top Twitter Trending topics beating Hellmann's previous record from the year before.