Client: NY State Coalition Against Sex-Trafficking

Role: Associate Strategist

The Challenge: Did you know that the Super Bowl is one of the highest sex trafficked events in the U.S.? Yeah, we
didn't either, so we went ahead and did something about it.

The Solution: In partnership with the NY State Coalition, a group of dedicated folks at McCann created Not-So-Super, an integrated campaign that raised awareness of sex trafficking especially around large events such as the Super Bowl. The campaign featured film, print, social and guerrilla tactics. The call to action was simple: take a selfie with red lipstick under your eyes (a la football player's eyeblack) and share it with #notsosuper. 

The Results: The campaign was positively received - it received hundreds of submissions and was picked up by a
few notable publications such as FastCo. and MediaPost with no paid media support.