"An Ode to the Recovering Hopeless Romantics" is a personal project that allowed me to take a look at how romantic films aligned with my own personal perceptions of love in the modern age. Despite the communication evolution (re: emoji love), I still found myself clinging to old wives' tales about what love should be. So, with a heavy heart and Netflix, I set out to watch 143 movies about love in 143 days.

Why 143?

Take it back to the beeper days, when 143 meant I love you. Get it? 

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The Challenge: Watch 143 movies about love in 143 days. 

The Criteria: The movie can be anything – B-list romantic comedies, blockbusters, indies – as long as the storyline involves love. 

The Results:

A few films that rose to the top: Ghost, 10 Things I Hate About You, Sleepless in Seattle, 500 Days of Summer, The Graduate, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Two Can Play That Game

This blog has found a home on the internet for those who identify themselves as “recovering hopeless romantics.” And in that regard, that’s the only thing I can ask for. On the surface, it sounded like such a stupid thing to do. I mean sure I spent 143 days watching films but  I wanted to build a community for those who felt like their love wasn’t being appreciated and were discouraged by the lack of faith out there.