Client: Samsung + All Def Digital 

The Challenge: The music industry still heavily relies on traditional methods of talent discovery which leaves an untapped market of undiscovered talented artists. 

The Solution:  Reimagine the A&R process and connect All Def Digital (content company) and Samsung to create a talent discovery platform called ADD52. For 52 consecutive weeks, we released 52 singles through 52 unsigned artists. 

The platform leveraged human and tech curation to bubble up the best talent. Our dedicated A&R team and Russell Simmons would choose the best of the best and highlight them through our "Single of The Week" program. 

The Results:

  • The platform has amassed over 12K artists in just a few short months.
  • An ADD52 X Milk Music spot featuring Russell Simmons and ADD52 artists Janel Marisse, Tayyib Ali and Love Dollhouse broadcasted nationally
  • Notable ADD52 artists have opened for established artists such as Trey Songz and Tinashe.
  • Reached #3 on Billboard charts and reached top 10 in Billboard's emerging artists charts
  • Featured on top publications such as  Ad Age and Billboard Biz